What are some foods a diabetic should eat?


Managing diabetes means not only monitoring blood sugar, but food, as well. Knowing what to eat, how much to eat and what to stay away from will go a long way in controlling the disease.

The right foods should include a healthy mixture of the right fruits and vegetables. Be careful not to overlay broccoli with mounds of cheese. It might help the taste, but the aftereffects aren’t worth it.

Lean cuts of meat are recommended as this cuts down on fat content. Fat interrupts the absorption of insulin, creating the problem that all diabetics despise. Both trans fats and saturated fats should be kept to a minimum- for the sake of your diabetes and your heart.

Remember the fiber. Fiber is an amazing food that bulks food for easier digestion, helps regulate blood sugar and does a great job in helping to process food. The right mixture of fiber will go a long way.

Avoiding certain foods is as important as consuming certain ones. Staying away from foods high in sugar goes without saying. Diabetics know full well that sugar not only ravages the blood, but it does so very quickly. Chocolate serves a double punch since you have to contend with the sugar and the caffeine.

The list of bad foods also includes starchy vegetables, with potatoes heading the list. Milk consumption needs to be strictly regulated, as does fruit juices. Limiting white flour is also pertinent to eating healthy, especially when you eat out.

The key to eating is moderation. If you find yourself dying to have a piece of cake, make it small and compensate for it by including something healthy. Regardless of what you eat, space out the carbs and include snacks throughout the day to avoid massive sugar level drops.

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